Matthias Laug, Co-Founder and CTO of the currently jumpstarting e-mobility startup TIER Mobility, will be speaking about change at our POPUP Meetup in Berlin on July 3rd, 6PM 2019.

If you meet Matthias for the first time, you might think that he is just visiting from Silicon Valley – the leading incubator of highly productive tech entrepreneurs. The 34 year old started his career 2009 as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Lieferando – a food delivery company based in Berlin that was acquired by in 2015. Lieferando started as Yourdelivery and had the challenge to compete with Rocket Internets Delivery Hero.

After joining ThoughtWorks as lead consultant, Matthias experienced a different way of working. The software-developing agency is an international software-developing company to serve customers with digital products. This is where he decided to start at TIER Mobility together with his Co-Founder Lawrence Leuschner.

The inspiring idea was to give people an easier way to get from one place to another – primarily within urban areas where traffic is high. “80 percent of the city’s car rides are less than two kilometers long.” says Lawrence Leuschner in his interview with the FAZ. A new company was born.

Matthias himself is heading towards game-changing technology to shape the future. With lots of challenges – politically, socially, technically and economically.

Find out how he is dealing with them and how he finds practical solutions to complex problems July 3rd at 6 PM at Unicorn Workspaces Berlin Brunnenviertel!
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