Three top speakers | A world-class moderator | One evening full of interesting insights

On Wednesday July 3rd 2019 at 6pm located at fancy Unicorn Event Space Berlin Wedding the Popup Agency will present the unique POPUP Meetup with its current challenge: “Copycat EU? How do we differentiate ourselves from Silicon Valley?!”. It will be the first Meetup of the new event series “Future of digital work”.

Expect three top speakers, a world-class moderator, an exciting socio- political topic, hundreds of new insights and an opportunity to meet experts from great digital industries.

The idea behind this event was born after a rough philosophical discussion – during a raining winter evening – between four founding members: Tina Banerjee (CEO & Co-Founder of Brainpath), Bernhard Hecker (CEO & Co-Founder of Value.Digital), Martin Wartig (CEO & Co-Founder of Value.Digital, Co-Founder ValueLogic) and Daniel Zehnpfennig (Business Development Manager at ValueLogic). We couldn’t answer this question:

Is our global competitiveness falling? Why is Silicon Valley and China ahead in technology and science? Are they really?

Let’s look at Germany. Germany has 11 of the 100 most valuable brands. In terms of Growing business and Economic strength, Germany is one of the leading economic powerhouses of the European Union.

But people are still asking: Why is disruptive innovation still being produced and developed mostly within the U.S. or China? Why does ‘Made in Germany’ include only few leading digital products and why is there no German website among the 100 most visited if we think of Google Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple?

Is our current situation really that bad?

Let’s find it out. Let’s hear leading experts to discuss where we are heading.

That’s why found three speakers from various digital branches in a chilling atmosphere to discuss and stimulate the different intercultural changes that shape the future of our digital work.

Let’s hear, how they want to shape the future.

We’re glad to welcome:

Matthias Laug, CTO & Co Founder of TIER Mobility, a worldwide acting startup that offers a completely new eco-friendly transportation opportunities with e-scooters in cities like Berlin, Paris and Dubai.

Eric Dolatre, Co-Founder of Germanys largest e-mail service GMX and CEO & Co-Founder of Brabbler AG, a Munich based IT startup focused on modern, high-secure communication solutions. Eric and his team developed “ginlo”, a secure and privacy protecting messenger for both private users and businesses. Erics vision is a digital world where privacy and confidentiality have become reality.

Tanja Kufner, Partner at MHP – A Porsche Company and Co-Founder at which is one of the worldwide leading process and IT consulting firms with a deep automotive know-how. In her roles, Tanja provides B2B startups across industries with early-stage funding, hands-on mentorship, technical expertise, and access to a diverse network of industry players, serial entrepreneurs, and investors. Tanja has a long term expertise in venture capital in the US and Europe.

The evening will be moderated by our outstanding moderator Carmen Hentschel. She is internationally active and brings with her presentations the experiences of over 1500 live performances for well-known DAX companies, medium-sized businesses and ministries. With her fervor for digital topics, Carmen will guide us through the evening.

You can look forward to these three exciting short talks with a subsequent lively panel discussion. Get involved and discuss the topic with our experts live. Afterwards you have the opportunity to get in touch with other guests. The Unicorn Eventspace offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the rest of the evening with a cold and fresh drink.

Seats for the event are limited – so save your free ticket now!

See you there!
The POPUP Team

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