Welcome to our new web presence of the POPUP AGENCY and therefore to our new Meetup Series: POPUP Meetup!

We are a network of digital pioneers from Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Bonn. We all know how companies must adapt fast on the ever-changing environmental factors. Through our many years of experience in the digital industry, we have learned typical pitfalls and challenges which normally occur by the optimization of businesses to become more and more digital players.

We have often noticed how companies arranged traditional agencies, which caused high expenses and overhead during projects whereby they wasted time or money unnecessarily.

That`s how the initial idea came about to establish the Popup Agency. We want to enable you to grow your business and we believe that new types of digital businesses require new ways of collaboration. Instead of agency overhead and multiple long meetings, we provide you with access to Know-how within a team of entrepreneurs, hands on pioneers and professional experts. Think about a “Accelerating Pop Up Agency” and you get the idea.

It`s important for us to communicate a clear and easy understanding philosophy of what we do. All our members work independently, but still together as a Popup Team to gain highest value for your business. Therefore, we use our long-year expertise to offer you every know-how and resources, depending on the request and your personal objectives, we are able to define the perfect team set up and provide you the best individually service environment. We avoid typical agency overhead as we pop up spontaneously, anytime and anywhere we are needed, act as a helping hand, fill up an empty gap of knowledge and finish as soon as we have solved your targets sustainably – fair, fast and flexible, just typical like a Popup Agency. We love to see things grow and digital products being built.

And we love to follow our passion for new digital topics.

You are faced with the task of moving the digital transformation forward within your company? You are looking for an experiences strategic partner who can give your business additional value sustainably? Or you still need support in Digital Business Consulting, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Mobile and Web Development?

Than drop us a line and let us start to work together on your personal challenges!